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Business Call have been given A Asia’s First toll free Phone Search 044444 66666

Much more than a simple callback system, gives you a way to offer click to call capabilities. You embed a couple lines of code on your site and a new image will appear where you added it. When the image is clicked, a simple three question form appears. Once the visitor fills out the form, the system takes over and the following happens:

  • The telephone number we have on file for your business is dialed (configured in your settings).
  • Your telephone will start to ring and when you pick up, a message will let you know that you are being connected to a website visitor.
  • At the same time you answer, dials the number entered by your visitor to connect the lines. Our technology does not care if the customer's number is a landline or mobile phone.
  • When the visitor answers, you are instantly connected and all call details will then be logged within the callback system. Optionally, the call termination can trigger an email with all the call details.

Talk to us benefits

  • Unlike a convention callback system, Talk to us connects you to your visitors whilst they are still fresh, you will not be calling them back later, when they are no longer looking at your website and considering your products
  • This is a click to call solution, served in your own language
  • You will be able to increase your conversion rates, by providing your website visitors with a free and immediate way to contact you
  • The most efficient sales tool in the world is a real human being talking live with a potential customer
  • Most website visitors would prefer to confirm details and ask questions before deciding to purchase goods or services
  • A fully global solution, allowing you to keep in contact with your customers anywhere in the world
  • You have complete control of which times at which times and from which locations your customers can call
  • No need to remember your telephone number or copy it down, the visitor simply clicks the push to talk button

"Owners need our sales lead capturing click to call plug-in"